Seo 101


Keywords. Keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO blueprint. The first step in the process is to research and analyze different words and phrases in order to determine which words are more favorable. For example if you are in the health and fitness industry your keywords and phrases may include “weight loss”, “exercise”, “diet”,
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Why you need the internet for your business


The Internet is the new frontier in advertising for all businesses. At one time, it was thought by most businesses that the Internet was for businesses that have products for sale online. This isn’t true anymore. It was also assumed by brick and mortar businesses owners the Internet wouldn’t work for them for advertising. This
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Social media is a requirement for your business


Social media marketing is now an extremely powerful way to build authority and trust, and create loyal customers. However, many people do not know how to leverage the power of social media marketing. Bascially, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to build a list of leads (these are your friends, fans, followers, likes, connections,
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Qr codes: what you need to know!


Now, do you recognize it? I thought you would! That’s all well and good but what’s the big deal, right? Well the big deal is that these codes can store a lot of information and that information can be read by smart phones. What are the advantages of 2-D barcodes? If we already have barcodes,
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Groupon and living social – what’s the deal?


Consumers love this because the discounts are deep and they are legitimate (not some discount on an artificially inflated price). The great thing about this service from a business-owner perspective is that most businesses can get on the email blast for a coupon. And, both Groupon and LivingSocial have huge emails lists. This has the
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What to post on facebook


Social media is one of many different ways to interact with potential customers. The benefits of the social media approach in particular, are that you can have fun with it. Just be yourself and let the posting begin!

Stock photos are safe!


The most attractive part of any website is not the words, the descriptions, or the word art. The most attractive part of any website is the photos. People are naturally drawn to look at bright, colorful, and large objects first, and it’s the first part of a page that viewers notice. Before looking at anything
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Google’s carnival ride


Crackerjacks crunching underfoot, massive stuffed bears, and kaleidoscopes of light. It’s the ubiquitous scene of a summer carnival, a night of fun for the whole family. My favorite was always the miniature roller coaster, but I think we’ve all realized what’s Larry and Sergey’s, Google’s founders, favored ride: the carousel. Last week Google unveiled Carousel,
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The scoop on adwords


The focus of the enhanced campaigns reflects how times have changed. Although desktop ads are a default option, the main area of development has been mobile ads. Much as the world has shifted its Internet consumption to smartphones, so too has Google adapted AdWords to take advantage of these portable devices. To start, Google has
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